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  • Adult education centre

    Adult education centre

Ljudska univerza Kranj, using its high quality services, aims to establish itself as the leading provider of adult education and a development centre for the third age in the Gorenjska (The Upper Carniola) region. We offer quality, friendly lifelong learning to the residents of Kranj municipality and the Gorenjska region. We promote value of knowledge which enriches our lives. Employees and external staff with high-level knowledge and expertise deliver formal education on all levels and a variety of informal programmes for all age groups. We advise, inform  and  respond  to  the  needs  of  the local environment in a personal and unique way.


Non-formal educational programmes



English – German – French – Italian – Spanish – Russian - Slovenian for foreigners …: At all levels of the Common European framework for languages (A1 - C2).



Our Workshop program is offering a wide selection of different activities, which represent an additional piece in the mosaic of your creativity, complement your skills and knowledge and enrich your life: ICT, communication, creative, culinary workshops.



National Vocational Qualifications ECVET Professional training offers everyone the opportunity to supplement profession with new expertise and become even more successful:

  • Project manager
  • Social caregiver at home
  • Accountant for smaller companies, entrepreneurs and institutions
  • Bookkeeper
  • Youth worker
  • NVQ in management



offers a variety of educational workshops, lectures and other activities, is acting in accordance with the wishes and needs of the participants, offers affordable education for the elderly.



We promote learning, education and opportunities to enroll in formal and non-formal educational programmes, offer support and advice using personalized guidance methods.



We provide excellent spatial conditions for integrating social, educational, cultural, service, care and other programmes in the Intergenerational centre. It is based on the idea, that the intergenerational links between all of the three generations are crucial for the healthy growth of a human being. With the help of an established network of volunteers and professional staff we run long and short-term programmes, workshops and host lectures.

We are the leading partner of a project titled The Multigenerational centre of Gorenjska (2017-2021). It is financed by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and the European Social Fund.

The main purpose of the project is the implementation of various prevention programmes, which will activate and integrate members of different vulnerable target groups and prevent their social exclusion: the elderly, families with poor parentings skills, migrants, residents with special needs, young people at the risk of social exclusion, disabled people. 


Formal educational programmes

We enrol participants in the following formal educational programmes that follow the state- prescribed curriculum:

  • Primary school for adults (ISCED 2)
  • Upper secondary education:
    • Upper secondary vocational education: Shop Assistant, Nursing Assistant (ISCED 3)
    • Vocational-technical education: Economic Technician, Computer Technician Security Technician (ISCED 3)
    • Upper secondary technical education: Pre-school Education (ISCED 3)
    • Vocational courses: Pre-school Education, Economic Technician (ISCED 3)


All our participants also take part in free workshops that enrich educational programmes and the prescribed syllabus.



Adult education centre Ljudska univerza Kranj complements its basic activities with various national and European projects as a leading partner or as a project partner. We carry out projects (co)financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Ministry of the Interior, European Union and the European commission (Erasmus+).

We are happy to offer the majority of project activities to participants free of charge, thus enabling access to different programmes to vulnerable groups who otherwise cannot afford such programmes. Project work contributes to better recognisability of Ljudska univerza Kranj, builds stronger partner network in Slovenia and abroad, and provides valuable project work experience for staff members.

Our main aims of project work are:

  • to promote lifelong learning and education,
  • to raise levels of literacy,
  • to raise levels of digital literacy,
  • to develop basic skills and work skills,
  • to integrate and empower vulnerable target groups,
  • to share experience and to collaborate with other colleagues from Europe.



Adult education centre Ljudska univerza Kranj is also a training provider and organiser of EU mobility programmes. We offer customized courses and study visits. We provide tailor-made programmes that leave no questions unanswered and form the basis for further cooperation. We have a strong network of partners (in social field, private and public sector and  have links with the industry) and can organize educational visits and act as a liaison between organizations. We offer you great experience as intermediary and host partner – always with full personal support.

We can:

  • organize the work programme tailored to your needs,
  • organize mentoring and individual support,
  • find and arrange accommodation,
  • arrange local transport tickets and transfers,
  • organize social & cultural activities.


We can also do the evaluation, certification and write the final report of the mobility.


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